From planning to visualizing to inking and detailing and up to the final touch everything went well as planned. HAHAHA. ‘Eto yung ginawa kong entry for the “CCS T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST”.For  almost 3 weeks ng August eto lang talaga ginawa ko despite of busy schedule and some stuff to attend natapos ko siya ng maayos at ayun medyo success naman :D Mag iintay na lang ako sa announcement of winners para asteeg at sana makuha ung gawa ko para eto na yung design na CCS shirt ng department namin :D So ayun. 

Do you know how embarrassing it is to be talked to like I’m some superhero’s girlfriend?
OTW to Baclaaraaan

Yeah magsisimba daw sabi nila Mommy :) Kakauwi lang nila kahapon from Taipeii :)

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Instead of polluting this website with hate, spread some love. People have enough shit going on in their life without negative comments from people who don’t know a thing about them. Brighten someone’s day & send them something nice. If you feel like you should send someone hate, get off of the internet & talk to someone about your feelings. Nobody needs excess bullshit in their life.

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And there I go again falling in love with the wrong person.

Pero putek kasi nasa kanya na yung hanap kong “dream” partner and I can’t ask for more kaso ewan hindi ata ako worthy para sa kanya…

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Suliiiit ang puyaaat :D Medyo satisfied ako sa gawa ko and iiedit ko na lang ‘to sa Photoshop baka bukas and sana sa Sunday maipasa ko na haha :D Goodluck sakin *sana manalo ung entry ko* HAHAHA. :D

may mga TA pala akong gustong sagutan kaso nakamobile ako dafeeeek hst

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Random #482: Is it bad of me wishing I had better friends? my friends are well ok.. but I just have nothing in common with them. its like they live under a rock because whenever I mention about world news, pop culture, movies, and other shit, they look clueless as hell. like who has never heard…

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nagdedetail pa din ako T^T azaar tas naubusan pa ng ink yung isa kong 0.05 unipin ko haaayst….

nagdedetail pa din ako T^T azaar tas naubusan pa ng ink yung isa kong 0.05 unipin ko haaayst….

Natutuwa ako sa idea na I know someone here from Tumblr PERO wala akong kaclose na yung kaclose na as in kaclose at masaya na ako dun hahaha. You can take me or leave me.

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I-follow nyo ako dahil may nagustuhan kayo sa blog ko.


Hindi yung finollow nyo ako kasi…

  • Girlfriend ako ni ano.
  • Friend ako ni ano.
  • Ka-close ako ni ano.
  • Kasi sabi ni ano.

Please. Ayaw ko ng ganyan. Gusto ko, finofollow nyo ako dahil mismo sakin, hindi dahil sa ibang bloggers o ano. Tapos kapag wala na yung koneksyon namin nung blogger na yun, unfollow kayo? Eh. Wag ganyan.

Pero wag na wag nyo akong ifo-follow kung fame ang habol nyo, di ko yan mabibigay sainyo.

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Instead of discourage napping I must post something like this lol

There is nothing wrong with expressing yourself but at least use proper words to express your thoughts/ideas. I know this may sound absurd and totally kind of pointless but people always perceive messages differently and to avoid further misunderstanding we must be responsible of what words we should use, how we should use it and when we should use it. It must be our perogative to be sensitive enough to think of what others may think of our little immature deed.

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If that day comes when you have to let me go and leave me I will not beg you not to go. I will not cry or show any signs of weakness in front of you. I will not do anything to let you stay or ask you to come back to me. I will not ask you to stay because I’ll do anything for you. Instead I would be happy to let you go because the time we spent together is a partial part of forever that I’d been wanting, it may not be an “everlasting” forever but within the limited time we have you make me feel what forever feels like until the last day where we realized everything we have is just another beautiful lie. In the end, forever is not that partially real.

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Anonymous: I think some of here are being hypocrite in this issue, why? because some bloggers who are ranting about famous thingy is also the one who contributed for that person to be so called famous. may iba sa kanila na 'uy famous famous', 'wala famous ka na', then in the end of the day sila din yung nag aanon tungkol sa mga pafamous dito. Ow come on people, wag niyong gawing gago yung mga sarili niyo.

shots fired. DEYM THIS PERFECT